#49 Sabji vale Bhaiya

By Faces of Rajkot, June 20, 2015

“Bhaiya, did you get those carrots I asked you to order? I know, it’s not the season, but metros have them all year around!”

“Sorry, it skipped my mind. I’ll get them for you in two days. If I may ask, why do you need them? Only you ask for them.”

“Abundance of fibre!” I made a face. Yes, I was disappointed, “My gym instructor suggests it’d improve metabolism.”

“Ah, gym…” he said, with a trail………..
“Do you know,” he continued taking out a smartphone, “when I google carrots vs cabbage, it says there are 25 calories per 100gm in cabbage, whereas, in carrots, the calories go up to 41! How about, try cabbage for two days? Cabbage has 2.5g fibre when compared to 2.8g fibres in carrots. So, you’ll lose just 0.3g of fibres.”

Have you ever seen that facial expression where one’s eyes are wide open. It looks as if your upper eyelid is trying to touch your eyebrow but couldn’t. I had the similar expression.

“I’ll take them, yes!” And, they say that you need an MBA to sell things more effectively…