#56 Dr. Nishith Vachani

By Faces of Rajkot, June 30, 2015

I carry my camera along with me even to the hospitals. There I said it! I was at the hospital for something, but then I got this idea of clicking pics of the microbes under a microscopic lens. When you happen to know a microbiologist, this gets easy. I happen to know Dr Nishith Vachani, who let me play with his microscope for a while. Sadly, I couldn’t take nice pictures. I won’t jump into the technicalities of “why”.
“Ahh…” he said when I began packing my DSLR, “you accepted defeat so easily.”
“So why did you study microbiology?” I asked with a deliberate motive of changing the topic.
“There was this old lady…” he began, “She had swine flu. They were failing to cure her because of other infections. Then, while doing a respiratory sample analysis I found the bacteria responsible for pneumonia.” He sighed. “I contributed in saving a life. How many can do that?”.