#139, Ravi Rajyaguru, a Young Writer

By Faces of Rajkot, November 17, 2015

Ravi Rajyaguru
You can never envision what’s hidden in the destiny’s pocket. I wanted to be an RJ always in the light of the fact that I wanted my voice to reach to the people. Tried and fizzled over and over. Then I thought that what people were doing when there was no radio. Writing? I tried but failed once more but not disappointed.  No publisher was ready to publish my book free of cost.
But as I say destiny has hidden alternatives always in its pocket, you need to find it out. In the era of mobile applications, I joined Matrubharti. It is a mobile application for android users for reading Gujarati literature and books for free. Renowned creators from Meghani to new sprouts like me, you will find on this application. Books on Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEOs, Apple etc. will give you a boost and that too without any cost. I like this way to convey my thoughts to the people.
I am currently studying in the last year of my engineering and making a little money out of my writing skills. Still trying to go on bigger stage and I will make it. Just keep finding alternatives. Lack of money, communication skills or anything in the world cannot stop you I bet.