#73 Gora N. Trivedi

By Faces of Rajkot, July 27, 2015


( હું એક SOCIAL ACTIVIST છું , અને રિયા ફાઉનડેસન માં મારા પ્રોજેક્ટ G O R A હેઠળ કામ કરું છું. હું કોઈ સમાજ ને લગતા સમાચાર કે કોઈ ફિલ્મ , કે રોજબરોજ ની ઘટનાઓ પર રેગુલર આર્ટીકલ લખું છું. મારો પોતાનો એક બ્લોગ પણ છે wordpress માં “મારું સત્ય”. )

I was shocked by the announcement by our class teacher Ms Ganatra that I will be the class monitor this year. Why me? I was shy, completely introvert and always avoiding eye contacts with everyone. Neither I was a sports person nor have many friends…

I started avoiding my duties as monitor but once when principal notice chaos in the class, I realized that I am the culprit behind this chaos and probably Ms Ganatra too would have got firing for the same. That was the time I accepted my duty and my progress started in terms of leadership. My communication skill too started improving.

Another great lesson I learnt was from our principal when he gave me badminton equipments and encouraged me to play after noticing that I used to avoid playgrounds.

But after those few incidences there was no looking back. I completed L.L.M. and later Ph.D. in human rights.

I work as a social activist and work for Riya foundation on the project with my name. G. O. R. A. (Go On Recreate Awareness). I regularly write articles in popular newspapers and magazines on various topics be them the festivals or international days we celebrate. I write a blog too names ‘Maru Satya’ onwordpress.com.