#76 a watchman

By Faces of Rajkot, July 31, 2015

I am not a celebrity, not high educated or highly paid person but, basically from Chennai and working in Rajkot since recent 12 years as a watchman cum Caretaker.

During this time, Rajkot has given me lot many things like a job, bread and butter for my family, education for kids and lot of happiness when I send some money or any gifts on festivals.

My family and relatives love sweets of Rajkot and I like to see the sweetness of the sweet through their glittering eyes.

Rajkotians are very fond of sweets and celebrating festivals in their own way. It’s really different. I miss my family a lot when I see you people commending life and celebrating each day. Unfortunately, I cannot talk daily with my family due to STD calls are higher but, I am so grateful to Rajkot for keep us going. After 12 years of attachment, I am also one of the proud faces of Rajkot.