#78 Jay Chhaniyara

By Faces of Rajkot, August 3, 2015

Please bare with us for the long post. When we met this amazing person, we instantly became his fan.

He says: “તમે કોઇ વ્યક્તિને હસાવો છો ત્યારે તમે ઈશ્વરની આરાધના કરો છો.”

He started his conversation with a lighter note… He said that in today’s social media era… A father would say that his daughter is like Twitter because everyone follows her. My son is like Facebook because he likes gossiping and obviously my wife is like Google because when I start asking her something, she guesses my question and gives at least 10 answers.

Jay not just copies all our Gujarati comedians but present their jokes in his own unique style. He was just 8 years old when he started listening to jokes and started presenting them on stage in various programs. So far he has given more than 2000 stage performances.

His fond memories with our late president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam are unique. He got the chance to share same stage with him and Dr Kalam specially spent 10 minutes with him talking. Jay says he has never met such a humble man as yet. Another of his favourite program was with Lata Mangeshkar jee in 2007.

Sahara India came especially to Rajkot to take his audition in 2005 for their stand up comedy show. And they he went to Mumbai for the show where his room partner was famous Kapil Sharma. He is still in touch with all the participants of Laughter challenge and keeps talking to them time and again.

Shahbuddin Rathod, Vasant Paresh, Sairam Dave, Dhirubhai Sarvaiya are his gurus. He at times translates their jokes in Hindi and presents them across India.

All he wants is to reborn again as a comedian in Gujarat because “ગમે ત્યાં જાવ પણ રાજકોટમાં શૉ કરવાની મજા જ કાઇ અનેરી છે.”