#83 (a) Yogesh Poojara

By Faces of Rajkot, August 8, 2015

Yogeshbhai Poojara
Founder and MD
Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

This humble man attributes his success to God’s grace and luck. He says that he was at the right place at the right time. But No luck favours if you don’t work hard.

( યોગેશ પુજારા પોતાની સફળતાનો શ્રેય ભગવાન ના આશીર્વાદ અને પોતાના લક ને આપે છે , એ કહે છે કે લક અને ભગવાન પણ ત્યારેજ સાથ આપે છે જયારે તમે મેહનત કરો છો અને મેહનત માં માનો છો…)

When he started his new venture as cordless phone repairing and mobile selling in 2003, there were very few people who were thinking of buying mobiles. And slowly over these 12 years, he has built a huge retail telecom empire in western India. But his vision is not so small. He is inspired by big chains like McDonalds who are not Indians but still have their stores in all the major cities in India. He has started his store in Salem also.

He doesn’t hire people on the top level. He gives chances to his own employees to step up and enter the hierarchy in his business. A few of his oldest employees are his partners and directors in his company. He is not a boss but a true leader.

The best part about this great leader is that he knows names of all his staff, and interacts with all of them regularly.

યોગેશ પુજારા ના હરી ઓમ