# 86, RJ Sheetal, Radio Mirchi, Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, August 14, 2015

A girl who has been labelled as a “SHY STUDENT” in her school has never ever thought of taking such a job which needs her to talk continuously, creatively, confidently and flawlessly…awww it was a nightmare!!!! But thanks to my family who actually saw that into Me & pushed Me in this world of Radio….I am very grateful as because of them I have became a Radio Jockey and during these 8.4yrs journey of Radio Mirchi I got to meet lots and lots of people who directly indirectly helped Me to discover myself & I realized I too can be an interesting person by developing my hobbies like singing, dancing, reading, travelling and taking risk.
Yep the most risky step of my life…I would rather say the most adventurous step of my life I took and went on to my first ever euro trip all alone which helped Me to think broader way….it was just a trailer PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST!!!!!

Yep travelled 13 countries and 15 Indian states and more to go…have planned to hit at least half a century.

During these journey I met lots of interesting people and not so interesting people who were actually INTERESTED to have any how connection with RJ Sheetal not with Sheetal thus I get proposals and requests everyday… I would request them to know Me first then take a risk.

So for them who wants to know WHO I AM!!!!
SHEETAL…NAAM TO SUNA HI HOGA Radio par hahahaha jokes apart

‘A very normal girl who doesn’t miss the chance to live each and every real moments yet keeps dreaming about having a date with Bahubali LOL, who makes mistakes….every time NEW ONE, who likes to be loved & trying hard to keep it as simple as it can be, she knows she is “KACHHUA” who runs slowly but will reach there definitely!!!’

— with RJ Sheetal(Radio Mirchi, Rajkot) and RJ Sheetal.