# 91, Dr Jigar Barasara, a backpack traveler from Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, August 21, 2015

Life is all about Adrenaline pumping..

It doesn’t matter how much breath you take but it’ s all about the moments which take away your breaths..

ઝિંદગી કેટલી જીવો છો ઍ મહત્વનું નથી પણ કેવી જીવો છો ઍ મહત્વનું છે.

Wish I would have a money tree and never had to work. In fact, doesn’t matter what my friends believe, I DO WORK HARD to earn money .. Well, my funda is simple. Earn, save and spend for your passion. I don’t spend all of my money and I save as well, but when it comes to my passion, I don’t compromise.

મારી ઝિંદગીનો ફંડા ક્લિયર છે. રૂપિયા કમાવ, બચાવો અને તમારા શોખ માટે વાપરો.

Well, there are two types of travelling 1) as a tourist 2) as a traveller..
I prefer the other one. Its an amazing opportunity to not just see the world by your own way but without depending on others. You feel like a free bird. The best part of doing backpacking is meeting New people across the world as well as the local people of the country you are travelling, staying in hostels are always fun.. And you are your own boss. Nobody is going to ask you when to wake up and when to sleep..!!!

બે રીતે તમે ટ્રાવેલ કરી શકો. 1. ટૂરિસ્ટ તરીકે અને 2. ટ્રાવેલર તરીકે. મને કોઈ દેખાડે ઍમ નહીં પણ જેમ દુનિયા છે ઍમ જોવી ગમે છે અને ઍટલેજ મને ટ્રાવેલર થઈને ફરવું ગમે છે.

JUST GO FOR YOUR PASSION AND DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS DIE.. start travelling 1st in India and then go abroad.. you may be having some fear of solo travel, but just go for it and trust me, you will never regret.. There is a wide horizon waiting for you outside for lots of amazing experiences..
Regarding expenses, start saving while you start earning and spend for your passion..!!

મારા જેવા મિત્રોને મારી ઍટલીજ સલાહ છે કે સપના જુઓ, ઍને સાકાર કરવા મહેનત કરો અને ..

— with Jigar Barasara.