# 93, RJ Nishita, Red FM, Rajkot

By Faces of Rajkot, August 24, 2015

RJ Nishita – Red FM

From a chirpy girl to a responsible lady, RJ Nishita has had an implacable radio journey. She started her career by compering A.G. office’s musical evenings at the age of 10-12. Her father being a musician, did try to infuse sur, laay and taal but Nishita needed up at a place where millions of girls dream to be. From winning a RJ hunt and then joining RED FM, her journey started.

Her first show was not planned, a jock left and she was immediately put ON AIR without any training, just within a week of her joining. And this timid looking shy girl was a pocket size powerhouse.

It’s been 6 years today since she’s been rocking on the radio waves of Rajkot. Loved by her fans and praised by critics. People look upto her and aspire to live her oh so glamorous life. But let me tell you, how hard she works to design her show every day. Rj’s are of course face of a radio station but they’ve N number of responsibilities apart from doing a Radio show.

On her personal front, she’s a friend that anybody would die to have, I’m sure everyone who has known her would vouch for this.

Now as she’s entering the most beautiful phase of her life I want to wish her all the best as a friend, colleague, and admirer.
6 Years were her first innings get ready for the 2nd.
I guess I’ve shared only the goody goody part of hers, let me shares 6 unknown facts about Nishita.
1) She’s got tears irrigation technique, she can cry anytime any day and for anything.
2) Jab isko gussa aata hai toh aadmi uthta nahi ooth jata hai…. lol
3) She makes world’s best sandwiches ( Pun intended)
4) She’s a great mimic of Tulsi Kumar, really? I guess she could’ve had found somebody better to mimic, uff.
5) She can laugh nonstop, even without a joke, she can laugh and laugh, laugh more and more….. No, she isn’t retarded, I’ve got it checked.
6) I don’t go to temple to worship; I sit in her car and do that. Almost half a dozen gods keep protecting her in the car.

With lots of love and wishes

Post courtesy RJ Dhrumil – Red FM