# 94, Bansi Tanna Rayjada

By Faces of Rajkot, August 26, 2015

આ પોસ્ટ થોડી લાંબી છે પણ પ્લીઝ પૂરેપૂરી વાંચજો.

I am not a cry baby. With all the proud, courage and self-respect I am sharing my story through FoR. And all I want everyone to get this message clear… Be positive, be strong and never ever give up.

This is dedicated to all who say “I had a bad day.” really? I had years.

Bansi Tanna Rayjada, to cope up with bad financial condition, I took up my first job when I was in tenth standard.

My relatives kicked us out of our own house in Junagadh on the same day my father died in a tragic accident and we moved to Rajkot after 12th day of my father’s accidental death. And on 15th day after he passed away, I started a job as DEO in a school. My mother also started doing job and we both started studying. With small savings, slowly we could buy some gold and electrical appliances for home and it felt like Diwali whenever we bought some such stuff. Finally, I completed my MA with English along with a good job and some private tuition.

After every one of these battles there comes a splendid day when I met Jay in 2011, experienced love and got married in May 2015. He is truly understanding, adorable and minding husband. Again life turned its face, in just a month of our marriage when we came to know that Jay is suffering from blood cancer. He is getting chemotherapy in Ahmedabad Cancer hospital.

Good and bad is a circular motion that surrounds you like a hug.

Again the battle is on, my courage is sharpened, and my guts are honed and we are ready to fight against the destiny. One fine day we shall defeat all sorrows from our lives.

After all I am a courageous face of Rajkot.