# 95, Siddhi Jain, A baby photographer

By Faces of Rajkot, September 1, 2015

It feels great when your work is appreciated by experts. Great thing is that professional photographers also like my concepts of baby photography.

Hi, I am Siddhi Jain; bubbly, charming, kiddie and a baby photography specialist. It is a different concept derived from western countries and is very challenging. My loving brother Ravi Jain guided me how to turn passion into profession and I stepped into the creative world of photography. But, trust me it doesn’t come that easy because photography is a very expensive hobby and has a very steep learning curve to become better at your work. I did a job for some time to earn and save for my 1st camera. And then I went to a very famous photographer to learn the techniques. He was generous enough to teach me and master the art of photography. I started assisting them in wedding photography. People were amazed to see a girl holding camera and lights in marriage functions.

Later, when I was thinking how to develop this hobby as a profession, Ravi, my brother came into rescue and he made me realize that I should try my hands on baby photography as I love small kids and there is no one in Rajkot who does baby photography. My idols are Anne Geddes, Roger Mayne and Sally Mann.

It’s not easy to shoot babies’ photographs as they are active, constantly moving and do not hold a position easily. It’s more like tiptoeing into the kitchen late night and stealing some ice creams from the fridge making sure your mom is sleeping. Sometimes I find myself hanging around the street looking like a stalker or something. Actually I just watch for the right person to step in front of the lens and create that special moment.