# 96, Natvar sir, A physically challenged painter

By Faces of Rajkot, September 3, 2015

If you go to Fun Street on Sunday morning at Race Course near art gallery you will find a painter by passion and a drawing teacher by profession, Natvarbhai sketching someone’s face with complete involvement.

But even with his involvement in making live portrait, he doesn’t forget to talk to the people surrounding him and cracking jokes. And the mesmerized crowd keep discussing if they could do something like this.

He also makes paintings of nature and portraits professionally and works at Podar international school.

After making one of his live portrait at Fun Street, he stood up and was telling us.. If there is a problem in a photograph, you can click again but we don’t have any margin of error in painting. If there is a slight mistake, the entire portrait is useless. And the entire thing has to be done again. Obviously, it is a hard work.

We noticed that he is physically challenged but his hands and imaginations run faster than any Legs. Salutes to this Master Painter..