# 99, A frustrated Lady

By Faces of Rajkot, September 8, 2015

We prefer to put the photo of the person about whom we are writing but today’s face is faceless. She can be anyone in the crowd. May be it’s your own story. Who knows.

A lady approached us and asked us to print her story in bold lines without taking her name. Here are her words:

“Story of the lady in Vruddhashram (Story no. 97 published on 4th September 2015) inspired me and pushed me to approach Face of Rajkot with my story.

It took a lot of courage and pain for me as my family would see this.

Yesterday my only son, 15 years old, shouted at me and his father saying that he wanted a phone that costs Rs 53,000 and cannot take this Rs. 36,000 worth phone. He abused us by words, slammed the new phone on floor and broke it.

I did not react; I just stare at his father. Deep dark silence and anger from my eyes was killing him. It was saying you killed 2 of my daughters in my womb just to have a son like this? You deserve this…”

Will our society ever change?